Church biomass boilerThe Dioceses in the South West are encouraging churches and church members to consider our whole ecological footprint and its ramifications, and to take action in the areas of: property and land; transport and travel; procurement and supplies; Christian lifestyle; and theology and worship.

We are offering specific support for a number of actions that will make a real difference. You can find information on these pages about the following schemes:

You may also be interested in the trials we are running, which may become future schemes.

Shrinking the Footprint actions

Transport and Travel

Changing the ways we move around, covering clergy and staff mobility, journeys to church and meetings, location of events, and alternative communications to reduce need to travel. Suggested actions:

  • Use the new Eco Church* survey
  • Audit travel by staff, congregations, visitors.
  • Investigate eco-driving, vehicle/engine size, journey-sharing, public transport or travelling in different ways.
  • Develop an organisation travel plan – British Standard (pdf) – and personal travel plans.
  • Purchase and maintain a pool bike for local use by staff.
  • Investigate using an electric bike.
  • Keep Car-free Day on 22 September.
  • Experiment with using technology for meetings – tele-conferencing, Skype – where appropriate.

Procurement and Supplies

Managing financial, catering and purchasing matters for finance/fabric committees, recycling, and buying ethically and sustainably, with creation care and the environment in mind. Suggested actions:

Personal Lifestyles

Our personal lives deeply affect others in the struggle for global justice.  We need to lead by example in our lifestyle at home and in the community, including engaging with localised alternatives such as the Transition Town Movement. Suggested actions:

Theology and Worship

Rediscovering approaches to theology and spirituality of creation, becoming more sensitive to the human role within the wider created order, including liturgical expressions appropriate to addressing climate issues. Suggested actions:

* Arocha replaced Eco-congregation with a new Eco Church scheme early in 2016. The old Eco-congregation site is available in the Wayback Archive, and we thought the old resources might still be useful.