Green energy deal

Wind turbineThe Dioceses in the South West have negotiated a bulk purchase tariff with green energy supplier Ecotricity for electricity and gas in churches, church halls, clergy housing and domestic use.

In Exeter Diocese, the Cathedral, Diocesan Offices and over 80 churches and clergy have already switched to green energy. “Only about 5% of the UK’s energy is currently generated from renewable sources,” says Martyn Goss, Exeter’s Director of Church and Society. “We recommend Ecotricity because they are investing in renewable sources and the more customers it has the more it can build new sources of green fuel.”

Global warming is already affecting people in partner churches and communities in the poorest parts of the world. Switching to green energy helps protect and sustain God’s world and contributes to justice for those most affected by climate change.

Switch today. Please contact us to find out more.


You may also be interested in The Energy Basket on the CofE’s Parish Buying website. Note that there are deadlines for signing up each year.