How to divest from fossil fuels

Following the Church of England’s fossil fuel divestment vote in July, Operation Noah is inviting local churches of all denominations to make divestment commitments. They say:

Fossil fuel companies cannot continue with ‘business as usual’ if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The institutional Churches say they believe in ethical investment. They also say that they care about climate change. But they are still investing in fossil fuels.

By making a divestment commitment, your local church can send a powerful message about the need for urgent action on climate change as well as keeping up the pressure for national Churches to divest.

It involves:

  • Committing to move your bank account, and any investments your church might be lucky enough to have, away from any organisations that support fossil fuels
  • Pledging not to make any such investments in the future
  • Writing to your national and regional church to encourage them to commit too
  • Moving where possible to a renewable energy supplier – see our own Green energy deal

Operation Noah has a ‘how to’ guide, “Divest your church”, which explains how your church can divest from fossil fuels and outlines the range of alternative investment options available. This is available to download alongside other ways of getting involved.