Air source heat pumpThe Dioceses in the South West are encouraging churches and church members to consider our whole ecological footprint and its ramifications, and to take action in the areas of: property and land; transport and travel; procurement and supplies; Christian lifestyle; and theology and worship.

We are running a series of trials of actions that we hope will make a real difference, with the aim of supporting them across the Dioceses if they are successful. You can find information on these pages about the following trials:

  • Instant solar PV, for generating your own electricity without being tied to a particular roof
  • Other renewable technologies, such as biomass and air-source heat pump
  • Hot cushions, delivering heat in church where it is most needed!
  • Electric bikes, helping the vicar be more visible to parishioners, and still be able to sail over those hills!
  • Air source heat pump (pictured; forthcoming)

Please contact us if you would like to participate in a trial or have any further ideas.