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Devon Churches Green Action (DCGA, is a task group which promotes awareness of ecological issues among the communities/churches of Devon and encourages people to take appropriate action to make their lifestyles more sustainable.  One of DCGA’s roles is to encourage local churches to develop ‘green groups’ or teams to activate wider community.

The Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) website provides links to Christian organisations and development agencies involved in environment and climate change issues, plus web pages and information provided by the churches. 

Green Christian (GC) aims to offer insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches, and to offer Christian insights to the Green movement.  GC supports Christians from all backgrounds and traditions.

Operation Noah was the first Christian campaign focused exclusively on climate change.  It’s mission is to encourage Britain and Ireland’s churches and governments to lead a radical transformation in both our culture and economic systems; a transformation towards simpler, liveable and supportable lifestyles that will increase happiness and well-being, while safeguarding the whole of God’s creation for future generations.

The Methodist Church in Britain, The United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union of Great Britain convened a joint working group on climate change and theology to produce the report “Hope in God’s Future: Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change” (pdf). Together with the Church of Scotland, they have assembled a Joint Public Issues Team on the Environment.

The Anglican Communion Environmental Network aims to encourage Anglicans across the globe to support sustainable environmental practices as individuals and in the life of their communities.

The European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) is a church network promoting co-operation in caring for creation. ECEN is an instrument of the Conference of European Churches for addressing the relationship to nature and the environment from the perspective of Christian theology and Christian way of life.

Martyn Goss attended the Faith and Climate Change seminar at Lambeth Palace on 29th October 2009.  The faith leaders and other participants released The Lambeth Declaration, pledging to work together to raise awareness about the effects of ‘catastrophic climate change’ on the world’s poor and to take whatever action they can to “to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practice”.

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