New Lighting at St Wenn, Cornwall

St Wenn Church in Cornwall had 21 R80w flood lamps to light the church.   They were able to find LED replacements that consume just 7W. Two were bought to trial and they were found to be just as bright, so the remaining 19 lamps were also replaced.

Rev Elke Dealey came up with the idea of a campaign to “light the church for Christmas and into the new year – sponsor a light bulb”. This was announced and ran in the church magazine and in no time the money was raised to pay for all the new lamps, which were about £10 each. The LEDs not only save 80% in electricity (the old ones were consuming 1.5kW in total) but will also last far longer than the old fashioned R80 lamps, saving on replacement costs.  All the new lamps are now installed and working well for purpose.