A Fair and Just Future for Cornwall

“A Fair and Just Future for Cornwall” is an initiative from the Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum brings together 21 key local stakeholders drawn from business, faith and the voluntary sector. Each stakeholder wrote an article setting out their vision of a better future for Cornwall as we emerge out of lockdown.

The report has been sent to all six Cornwall MPs and council leaders with a covering letter. It has also been shared on social media, the BBC and the West Briton.

The Forum wishes to share the initiative with other dioceses and encourage them to do something similar. It could be adapted to emphasise climate change issues. The pandemic is a turning point and it is critical that faith and other civil society organisations speak out and insist that it is local people and communities have a decisive say over their own future.

For more information, please contact Gavin Barker of the Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum on gavinb.cipf@gmail.com. He would be interested in any efforts from others in adopting a similar initiative, and happy to advise and support.