Psalm 82 – green meditation

We create our own gods of avarice, desire, gluttony and sloth

1. When all the other gods

have come together,

the Lord God judges them and says:

2. How long will you keep judging unfairly

and favouring evil people?

These other gods control our hearts displacing you and misdirecting our priorities

3. Be fair to the poor and to orphans

Defend the helpless

and everyone in need.

We ignore the struggling of the vulnerable and add to their burdens

4. Rescue the weak and homeless

from the powerful hands

of heartless people.

Our judgement is clouded and our sight blinded by short-term gain

5. None of you know

or understand a thing.

You live in darkness,

while the foundations

of the earth tremble.

We are addicted to consumerist lifestyles that are destroying the Earth’s life giving support systems

6. I, the Most High God, say

that all of you are gods

and also my own children

We spend our energy on our possessions, allowing them to possess us

7. But you will die,

just like everyone else,

including powerful rulers.

Our priorities are ourselves and our gods which we empower for our own ends

8. Do something, God!

Judge the nations of the earth;

they belong to you.

May we turn around and seek urgently to change ourselves rather than the climate. In your mercy may we seek wholeness and fulfilment.

In the name of the Creator, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, for now and evermore, in a World without End. Amen.

Martyn Goss