Bishop Gets Back On His Bike

The Bishop of Ramsbury, Ed Condry, is giving up his car again for Lent and taking to his trusty bicycles or public transport as he works his way around Wiltshire. It’s a challenge and not just for him but also for those who look after his diary and have to make sure that journeys can be done. An early Easter this year may also present its own weather-related difficulties.

Bishop Ed’s blog was one of the highlights of last year’s Carbon Fast, making sure that the rest of us stuck to our own Lenten resolutions. What is limiting our speed to a maximum of 50 miles per hour compared to giving up the car altogether? And he will be blogging again this year, encouraging us all to think carefully about how we use the resources of Creation and the Environment. Today’s blog sets the scene:

“Another few weeks without the car, contemplating our excessive reliance on fossil-fuelled metal boxes, whilst delighting in the repetitive revolution of the pedals rolling me around Wiltshire’s beautiful landscape.”

Follow Bishop Ed’s pilgrimage through Lent here.