Truro on the map

UPDATE: The map on the website has been temporarily disabled prior to the website being refreshed. For the moment, you can download the data as a pdf.

This website contains a map of churches and schools which have taken actions related to the environment and social justice. Many are in the Church of England, and the map also shows a number of other denominations and congregations. We have just added a number of organisations in Truro Diocese, joining others from Exeter Diocese, and more Dioceses will be added as the data become available. Please let us know of any omissions or corrections. The points on the map can be filtered by the following actions, and there are contact details for more information:

  • Energy study undertaken
  • Photovoltaics installed
  • Biomass installed
  • Compost loo
  • Fairtrade church
  • Eco-congregation
  • Linked to Arocha

We also provide a number of more detailed case studies where church organisations across the six Dioceses have taken actions in the areas of renewables in buildings; other sustainable building; churchyards; transport and travel; personal lifestyles.

We hope the case studies and examples prompt some ideas for your own actions, and that you are able to get in contact and learn from others’ experience.