‘Up in the Air’ exhibition of knitting, chemistry and climate change

Carbon dioxide‘Up in the Air’ is an exhibition of knitted larger-than-life versions of the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. The exhibition, created by Exeter artist and former Met Office employee Clare Bryden, aims to spark interest in the science and issue of climate change in a playful way. It is part of an ongoing project called Particulart: The art of knitting, chemistry, and gentle protest.

The exhibition is running from now until 24 July at the Glorious Art House on Exeter Fore Street. Buy a coffee and cake from the café on the ground floor, and wander up to the second floor gallery for knitted molecules floating in the Earth’s atmosphere, card games hidden in a comfy nook, and data about greenhouse gases. The whole gallery becomes a 3D graph complete with axis labels.

Diana Moore of Knit Stop will be running a knitting workshop from 10am-12noon on Saturday 18 July as part of the exhibition. Knit your own carbon dioxide!

‘Up in the Air’ is supported by a Small Arts Grant from Exeter City Council and sponsorship from the Diocese of Exeter. It will also be putting in an appearance at the EcoChurch Southwest conference in September.

For more information, see particulart.org.uk/up-in-the-air/.