Go Green! Go Truro-Paris!

Truro2Here’s your chance to get involved in making a stand for tackling climate change in 2015!

Euan McPhee will be cycling from Truro to Paris in the two weeks or so before the Climate Change Conference there begins. You will be able to:-

  • Follow his journey on penleecluster.org.uk or Facebook ‘Penlee Cluster’ and reflect each day on its purpose.

  • Take part in a walk of our own to Sennen to begin our virtual journey to Paris on Saturday 14th November, starting at 2.00pm from Land’s End.

  • Accept a Climate Change goal of your own.

Euan will be carrying in his saddle bag a copy of a report written by a local climatologist, Luci Isaacson. In 2009, when the world was preparing for a Global Warming Conference in Copenhagen, Luci challenged people in Cornwall to make a number of pledges to reduce their Carbon Footprint. People took up this challenge. This year Luci contacted many of those who made pledges to ask how well they had kept to them. On the basis of their answers and assuming this was carried across all those who signed pledges this has resulted in an amazing 3,030 tonnes of CO2 reduction. This is the report Euan is taking by bicycle to the World Summit in Paris It just shows the impact that life style changes by ordinary people really can make.

As we follow his journey to this meeting we will be looking each day at one of the pledges and asking if it is one YOU could make as one of your steps to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.

Read about the ten pledges at climatevision.co.uk.