Carbon Fast 2017

This cheeky woodpecker has been working away on the pole a few metres from my desk; reminding me that Spring is on the way, and if Spring, then Lent must be coming up soon. So is just to let you know about plans for Carbon Fast 2017.

Feedback from last year suggested that we at EcoChurch Southwest should consider doing something in the fairly new season of Creationtide which runs from the 1st September until the 4th October. There’s a bit more about the background to Creationtide here. So we will be doing something then; providing reflections and ideas for action as the Church throughout the world considers issues of Care for Creation and the Environment.

If you want to do something this Lent then you might like to look at the resource offered by Green Anglicans; the Anglican Church of South Africa’s Environmental Network, which is available here. The Diocese of Oxford has some further suggestions of Lent Materials for Reflection and Action.