Course on creation theories and the Bible

Sarum College in Salisbury is shortly running a Biblical Study Break, exploring connections between today’s scientific understanding and what the Bible and Christian theology have to say about God’s creation.

It will explore creation and our place within it from biblical, theological and scientific perspectives, tackle some of the challenges to faith posed by science and consider our responsibility for God’s world and what it means to live sustainably.

  • Session 1 – The Big Picture: Creation and the Cosmos
  • Session 2 – The Web of Life: Biology, Ecology and the Bible
  • Session 3 – Science and Faith: What Kind of Conversation?
  • Session 4 – Christ in Creation: Brokenness and Restoration
  • Session 5 – Transformation and Hope: Earth’s Future in our Hands?
  • Session 6 – Treading Lightly: Practising Sustainable Living

Biblical scholar Dr Hilary Marlow is passionate about environmental issues and how Christian faith can motivate us to care for God’s world. She works as a senior researcher at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion with a focus on creation texts and teaches Old Testament and biblical Hebrew at the University of Cambridge. Hilary’s research examines the interaction between people and the natural world in the Old Testament, including the study of creation texts and their interpretation in later Jewish and Christian traditions, and work on ecological hermeneutics and the use of the Bible in environmental ethics.

The course run from 1pm on Monday 5th February until 2pm on Thursday 8th February at Sarum College in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close. The price is £230 non-residential and £390 residential. Please get in touch with Alison Ogden if interested:, 01722 424826.

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