Living the change – Make your commitment to sustainable living

Time for change – and to live the change.

Humanity stands in front of the greatest challenge ever today. How shall we live together on this planet without destroying the possibilities for future generations?

We have listened to the scientists that are clear – we are jeopardizing the ecosystems of the planet. The political will to change may be there but it is slow and the level of ambitions is too low.

For many years people of Faith have in different ways try to advocate at international negotiations at UNFCCC on climate to take brave decisions and commit to more ambitious targets for emission reductions. And at the same time create a just transition to a low carbon society.

This is important but still very slow and the sense of urgency to act is not there. We will still need to push our political leaders to act.

A way of leading is leading by example. Religious leaders that can stand up and commit to some personal changes can have a great impact on the discussions.

Living the Change is an initiative supported by many actors from the family of faiths. We want people of faith to reflect on their ecological footprint and what they can do shrink it. But we also need leaders that can stand up and saying “ – I commit to…” It is needed to show examples that it could be done. And that it also could be a way of improving life quality.

World Council of Churches is a partner of Living the Change and we want to invite you to take part in this interfaith global action that shows that faith communities all over the world are willing to change for the cause of the poor, future generations and the Creation.

We invite you to go to the website where you will find out more on how to make a commitment. Of course the suggestions on what to do are not always relevant but there is always a possibility to commit something that is more relevant for you.

This originally appeared on the European Christian Environmental Network website