Travelling Light this Christmas – being more and consuming less

Travelling Light - Advent and ChristmasMany of us would like to get to Christmas feeling full of energy and a great sense of fulfilment, but instead we arrive absolutely frazzled, and it loses all meaning for us.

This Advent and Christmas, our friends at Discovering Prayer are running a programme called ‘Travelling Light’.

It’s a series of guided Christian prayer and meditations, to help you stay calm and focused in the run up to Christmas. If you’d like to enrol, you will receive three audio prayer times and a wealth of other information about ‘Travelling Light’ towards Christmas. You will also be travelling alongside a community of like-minded people who are desiring greater meaning.

It is worth looking at the 25 tips they have gathered, which aim to help you have a calmer, more meaningful, and less stressful Christmas. The themes include: uncovering the hidden meaning as you plan Christmas; sending mindful Christmas cards; giving presents and your presence; lightening the load; and sharing the joy.

We wish you a fulfilling and joyful run-up to Christmas!