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Warm greetings for a freezing St. David’s day!

I sometimes have problems with religious language. Ironically, there are times when I feel the kind of words we use to describe ‘the Sacred’ can actually detract from their own purpose. The same happens with ‘green’ language. Environmentalism has its own idioms, phrases and jargon. The word environment actually means ‘the world or space around …
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Belated New Year greetings!

I’ve been an environmental activator and activist for over 40 years and have passionately campaigned on many issues including climate change, transport, food and energy. With others, I set up a student Eco-action recycling scheme in London as long ago as the early 1970s, and became absorbed in the political discussions around ‘Small is Beautiful’, …
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Happy Advent 2017!

‘We are living in a material world’, as the singer Madonna reminds us. Our human existence is a physical one – we are not disembodied spirits or floating souls.  Christianity is actually a very materialistic faith.  Its major tenets are that God creates the tangible universe with all its planets, minerals, energy and chemistry.  The …
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Devon ecochurch photos

We thought you’d like to see some photos of ecochurch-related activities around Devon…

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Happy Hallowmass (feast of All Saints)!

Speaking at a recent conference on Mental Health and Young People in Devon, psychologist Dr. Kate Middleton inspiringly encouraged participants to reflect on resilience for teenagers. Coping with challenge and change has maybe never been so difficult than in today’s world, so how can one adapt from the weathers of life and recover from adversity? …
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Autumn greetings and happy St. Francis day (4th October)!

At the recent Exeter Diocesan clergy conference our three Bishops participated in a panel answering questions from the floor on a variety of contemporary topics. One of those raised was, ‘what are the greatest social challenges facing the people of Devon who we seek to serve at this time?’ The Bishops responded with helpful comments …
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Happy Creationtide 2017!

Many English people do not appear to be too media-literate. We do not read beneath the words or images presented to us, nor think about the intentions of those who communicate with us. We take too much at face value and do not appreciate the deeper or more complex subtleties of what we are being …
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Martyn Goss shortlisted for Church Times Green Champion Award

We in Exeter Diocese are delighted that Martyn has been shortlisted for the Green Champion Award alongside Br Hugh Cobbett SSF (Hilfield Friary); Victoria Gilbert (St Catherine’s, Burbage); Suzanne Dalton (St Chad’s, Far Headingley); Judith Allison (St John’s Methodist Church, Settle). All five are doing amazing work, and making a real difference in the church’s …
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Greetings for July and August – and Happy St. Benedict’s day!

One of the common questions asked in my area of work is why Christians and other religious people ought to be concerned about the environment. So here are a few reflections on this. Why should people of faith be engaged with the Earth and ecological matters? For those who believe this physical existence is merely …
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Creationtide 2017

‘Creationtide’ or the ‘Season of Creation’ is the period in the annual church calendar (from 1st September to 4th October) dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life.  This year we will be encouraging church members to sign up to receive daily Creationtide resources for celebration, reflection and action. Under the theme ‘Inspiring …
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