Carbon Fast

Between 2014-16, the dioceses in the southwest of the Church of England promoted a Lent Carbon Fast. These focus generally on personal and domestic actions … Read more

Living Churchyards

As the countryside in Britain becomes more industrialised and urbanised, there are fewer places for wildlife to live and wildflowers to grow. But there are … Read more

PVs at St John’s, Wimborne

The panels were installed in July 2012. Feed In Tariffs earned by March 2014 were £1055.14 against expenditure of just under £8,000, so after 19 … Read more

About EcoChurch Southwest

What is it? As part of the Church of England’s Shrinking the Footprint campaign to reduce carbon emissions, EcoChurch Southwest was founded in 2010 to … Read more

Policy development

“The whole creation belongs to God. As human beings we are part of the whole and have a responsibility to love and care for what … Read more

Case studies

These case studies are provided to help you think about what projects and activities might be possible and what you might need to consider, and … Read more

Green energy deal

The Dioceses in the South West have negotiated a bulk purchase tariff with green energy supplier Ecotricity for electricity and gas in churches, church halls, … Read more