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Belated New Year greetings!

I’ve been an environmental activator and activist for over 40 years and have passionately campaigned on many issues including climate change, transport, food and energy. With others, I set up a student Eco-action recycling scheme in London as long ago as the early 1970s, and became absorbed in the political discussions around ‘Small is Beautiful’, …
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Happy Hallowmass (feast of All Saints)!

Speaking at a recent conference on Mental Health and Young People in Devon, psychologist Dr. Kate Middleton inspiringly encouraged participants to reflect on resilience for teenagers. Coping with challenge and change has maybe never been so difficult than in today’s world, so how can one adapt from the weathers of life and recover from adversity? …
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Autumn greetings and happy St. Francis day (4th October)!

At the recent Exeter Diocesan clergy conference our three Bishops participated in a panel answering questions from the floor on a variety of contemporary topics. One of those raised was, ‘what are the greatest social challenges facing the people of Devon who we seek to serve at this time?’ The Bishops responded with helpful comments …
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St Wenn, Diocese of Truro – shared biomass boiler with under-floor heating

In St Wenn, Cornwall, the Church and School shared a biomass heating project. First steps – what’s needed? Planning for this project was comprehensive and inclusive – and it took some long time! St Wenn Church Council (PCC) involved church members, the head teacher and governors, together with – critically – the wider community. Churchwarden, …
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St Wenn shortlisted in Green Building section of 2017 Church Times Environmental Awards

St Wenn’s eco-heating project is one of the four shortlisted for this Award in the Church Buildings section (along with Gloucester Cathedral; Holy Trinity, Bradford on Avon; and Holy Trinity, Tulse Hill). The project has delivered a shared, sustainable zero-carbon heating solution for both church and nearby school. It uses a shared biomass boiler in …
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Greetings for July and August – and Happy St. Benedict’s day!

One of the common questions asked in my area of work is why Christians and other religious people ought to be concerned about the environment. So here are a few reflections on this. Why should people of faith be engaged with the Earth and ecological matters? For those who believe this physical existence is merely …
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Happy Summertime!

So, have the results of the General Election been good for the environment?! On the face of it, the Green Party did not gain ground, issues of ecological sustainability did not seem high on candidates’ agendas and Britain now has an Environment Secretary who is not exactly known for his green credentials. Is the outlook …
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Creationtide 2017: ‘Inspiring Earth’

Please sign up to our mailing list using this form. We sent out emails with reflections and resources each morning during Creationtide in 2017 (see below), and during the Lent Carbon Fast in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We also use this list to send out very occasional information (perhaps as often as twice a year!) …
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Feeding Our Future – postponed

This planned conference is being postponed to the Autumn. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please watch this space for a revised date. Day conference at the Innovation Centre, Exeter Thursday 4th May 2017 10.30am – 4.00pm Speakers include Bishop Tim Thornton and theologian Sam Ewell There will be workshops on ‘Beyond Foodbanks’, Community Food Systems, …
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Greetings for February!

Two contrasting forces have shaped human evolution and resulted in the kind of people we now are.  One has been the pull of competition – the need to establish zones of control and hierarchy to establish patterns of dominance in the struggle for survival. The other has been the move towards co-operation – mutualism, symbiosis, …
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